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If you’re looking for top-quality lake and pond cleaners in Florida, Edenfield Corporation is your best choice. Based in DeLand, we are a family-owned-and-operated provider led by researchers with advanced degrees in agronomy (turf science). Our techniques and products are EPA-approved and based on research by the prestigious University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Because Edenfield Corporation is owner-operated, you are assured personal service by someone with a vested interest in providing you with the best aquatic management, landscaping, and pest control experience possible. We serve Volusia County, Sanford, Deland, Daytona, and the surrounding areas. We’re the best lake management company in all of Florida and you won’t find better service anywhere else.



Pond Management

Keep your community pond looking its best with a high-quality and reliable service from Edenfield Corporation. It’s our goal to ensure the look, longevity, and health of your pond with our services. A pond differs from a lake in that it is smaller and shallower. Generally speaking, it also has a more even water temperature. Florida is home to many different types of ponds including small private fishing ponds, agricultural and livestock watering ponds, and commercial, industrial, and residential retention ponds. What this means is that many variables are at play with these different kinds of ponds and that different strategies will need to be implemented to ensure the best cleaning and maintenance for your particular pond. For example, a retention pond is designed to collect stormwater runoff. This runoff can often carry with it many different types of pollutants, such as motor oil from nearby cars. This means a chemical cleanup may be needed for your retention pond as part of its basic maintenance, but wouldn’t typically be used for the maintenance of say a fishing pond. Fishing pond maintenance, on the other hand, would consist of fish restocking and more natural solutions like healthy bacteria being added. Whatever your pond’s purpose we’ll find the plan that works best for you.

Lake Management

Freshwater issues such as pollution control and decontamination make lake management a necessity in the Sunshine State. What separates a lake from a pond, is that lakes are larger and a lake’s deep water is much cooler than its surface water during the summer months. One of the main focuses of our maintenance plans is on the watershed of your lake. A watershed is the area directly surrounding your lake. Any rain that is not absorbed into the soil of the surrounding ground may flow into your lake, bringing in with it whatever waste or pollutants that might be around. Other factors that could affect your lake include runoff from agricultural fields, livestock pastures, and urban areas, dumping of harmful chemicals and pesticides by factories and wastewater treatment facilities, and invasive species taking over your lake. The first step in managing your lake is for us to understand the purpose of the lake and to determine what issues it may be facing. Once we know this we can come up with a sure proof plan to keep your lake healthy and beautiful.

Fountain Management

Protect the aquatic ecosystem and ensure a beautiful view with proper fountain management. On top of drawing people’s eyes and serving as an exciting water feature for guests, fountains serve an extremely practical purpose as well. They help in controlling problems like algae, weeds, and aquatic odors. They also help keep oxygen flowing throughout lakes as they replenish what is taken up by aquatic plants, fish, and bacteria.

Water Fountain Installation
Edenfield Corporation offers a custom aeration system and water fountain installation with any of our Kasco brand fountains. Quality aeration systems are important for making sure your ponds or lakes are getting enough oxygen by circulating water and oxygen in your pond by bringing it up from the lower levels of the water and releasing it as droplets in the air.

Water Fountain Repair
Even though all our fountains are installed by experts and made using durable, non-corrosive materials ensuring a reliable and long-lasting product, this is not the case for all fountains. That said, even the best of fountains will eventually run into issues. When that happens we’ll supply only the most qualified and courteous representatives to your pond or lake. They’ll then provide you with quick and efficient maintenance.

Airboat Spraying

There is no job too tough. Airboat spraying is a cost-effective method of excavating overgrown vegetation from your lake or pond. While many types of aquatic vegetation provide beneficial cover for fish, there are many types of invasive vegetation that can actually cause harm not only to the ecosystem of your lake but also inhibit recreational water activities like boating or swimming. This is why herbicides need to be sprayed to protect your lake, but Florida has many laws designed to protect the amount of chemicals being put in water and you need an expert like those at Edenfield Corporation to ensure the safety of your water and guests. With years of experience and only the best equipment available we will quickly and efficiently be able to protect your lake from invasive vegetation without risking an excess of chemicals in your water.

Retention Pond Maintenance

When properly maintained, ponds function as a permanent “wet pond” to settle suspended sediment and other pollutants. Retention ponds are incredibly important for preventing floods as well as collecting runoff. Most retention ponds end up being fenced off and ignored and because of this negligence, they fail to serve their vital purposes. Without proper management trash, natural debris, and overgrowth with run rampant. This will fill up your pond quickly and prevent it from properly collecting water. You also run the risk of the pond flooding onto other nearby properties which can cost you a lot of money depending on how severe it is. We specialize in one time projects to improve your pond or monthly retention. We can improve the function and appearance of your pond, this includes management of bank and runoff erosion, assessment of your pond’s structural integrity and function, vegetation management and removal of nuisance aquatics, overgrowth, trash, and debris abatement, and sediment assessment and control plans.

Fountain Sales

  • Are you tired of feeling ripped off? We can help you come up with a solution that works for your lake and/or pond for the long-run. Improve not only the look of your lake but also its health with our Kasco brand fountains. 
  • On top of these great fountain choices, we also carry a line of LED fountain lighting so you can enjoy your fountain whether it’s day or night.
    • RGB LED Color Changing Lights
    • LED Lights in Composite Housings
    • LED Lights in Stainless Steel Housings
    • LED Puck Lights

The Importance Of A Lake Management Company

Florida is well known for its recreational water. Due to the state’s year-round warm weather boating, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming, fishing, and tubing are just some of the great water-based activities that see thousands of tourists each year. Because of this, it’s essential you pay extra attention to keeping your lake healthy and beautiful. People can be extremely messy and can end up doing a lot of damage to your lake. As the amount of watercraft in your lake increases, so too does the chance of petroleum spills, sewage discharges, and the release of invasive species. In order to keep your lake from succumbing to these issues, we’ll inspect your lake and come up with a treatment much like how a doctor would.

Algae Management in Ponds and Lakes

The environments of lakes and ponds are extremely sensitive. An overgrowth of algae can be detrimental to the health of your lake or pond. Algae can block sunlight which can kill important plant life that keeps the water full of oxygen and serves as food to animals living in the water. The key to treating algae is to be careful not to get rid of the beneficial algae. Algae serves an important role in ponds and lakes and getting rid of it completely could possibly put your lake or pond in more danger than it was. Our staff is trained in the identification and treatment of numerous algae types and we use only the latest methods and products for our environmentally-conscious approach to our aquatic management services.

Kasco Fountain Sales

Fountains are an extremely competitive industry. People get bombarded with fountain choices, some of which can go for as much as thirty thousand dollars. A lot of people see that price and think it must be a great fountain, but then the fountain ends up dying in less than ten years. It’s incredibly important to check the quality and dependability of them. It helps to have some experience in the business when picking out your fountain. Anyone who has been working for fifteen years or more should be able to help you find a fountain with proper engineering and decide what will fit your needs best. Edenfield Corporation only recommends one brand to our customers and that is why we only sell fountains made by Kasco. We are incredibly passionate about the fountains made by Kasco and they’re the only ones we’ll install. Each is made with marine-grade stainless steel components that provide protection in harsh environments.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying

We understand it can be hard for new clients to just trust our word when deciding on who they should hire for their lake management needs, so here are some real clients we’ve serviced in the past. The only way we can stay in business is to make sure each of our customers is provided with the highest quality work and customer service available. We pride ourselves greatly on both these aspects and encourage you to see how this is reflected in our customer reviews.

Edenfield Corporation has been maintaining my ponds for the past several years. I have had nothing but outstanding service and attention to my property needs. I highly recommend Edenfield Corp. for your property maintenance services.
Jeff Leitner

Director of Facilities Operations, DaVita Laboratories

Edenfield Corporation was recommended by a coworker over seven years ago, and what a recommendation it was.

Edenfield has provided GWS with the most incredible services, no matter the task, retention pond mitigation, landscaping services, mulch replacement and tree trimming.

Janeen M. O'Connell

Operations Manager, GWS

Five years ago, we encountered a big issue with our retention pond getting cleaned up and within the requirements of the county or face the possibility of a fine. After meeting with Wes Edenfield, he came up with a plan to get our vegetation cut down and the growth under control.
Sean Bruce

Operations Manager, Xtra Lease

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You can’t go wrong with Edenfield Corporation. We are a family-owned-and-operated provider We’re based in Deland but serve Volusia County, Sanford, Deland, Daytona, and the surrounding areas. Call us today for a free estimate. We promise you won’t find a better lake management company in all of Florida. We are constantly conducting studies and working on new developments in aquatic management and landscaping. It’s our goal to provide you with a continuous and comprehensive service that’s in compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements.