Ponds are delicate ecosystems that play a vital role in the preservation of the environment. Since they’re small bodies of water, even the slightest of changes can have a profound impact on the species living under the aquatic ambiance. For instance, imbalances, like uncontrolled algae growth, are accountable for causing pollution. Solving algae problems is not an easy feat. You could spend large amounts on costly solutions that don’t work. To defeat the problem, you need to hire a specialist that can help you. Our company, Edenfield Corporation, it’s your best option in Sanford! We work fast and are pros at what we do. If you’re interested in our lake fountain algae treatment for pond cleaning, learn about it below.              


The Impact of Uncontrolled Algae Growth in a Pond

Algae are important to water bodies. Besides being a food source to the fish, they contribute to the absorption of organic nutrients and the fostering of bacterias that degrade organic waste. 


However, these prolific benefits switch when an unrestrained alga spread takes place in a stagnant body of water, like a pond or a lake. The effects, fastly change from positive to harmful, and get severely damaging to the underwater organisms, as well as the surrounding areas, mainly causing:

  • High concentration of nitrates and phosphates.
  • Sunlight blockage.
  • Oxygen depletion.
  • Bad odor emission.
  • Overall pollution of the pond.


Fortunately, there are proven methods to reverse algal bloom and ensure that the pond remains clean overtime. We know it first hand because our esteemed group of scientists and technicians, at the Edenfield Corporation, has perfected a successful lake fountain aeration treatment designed to solve algae problems!    


If you live in Sanford, give us a call. We’re qualified to help you overcome algae problems!  


Try this Pond Cleaning Algae Treatment

Ponds are important! They provide a source of freshwater, support leisure activities, shelter plant-based living organisms, and add beautiful sights to the community.


Doing our part to protect ponds and keep them clean, we’ve developed a treatment that attacks the lack of oxygen caused by the accumulation of organic material as a consequence of algal bloom. 


The treatment majorly consists of installing a device that generates the continuous aeration of the pond, encouraging the agitation of an otherwise still and stagnant water. 


The  device has a fountain-like effect. It splashes water into the air to promote oxygenation and the venting of gaseous content like carbon dioxide. The action brings instant improvement of the pH levels, fitting the adequate range to foster aquatic life.


Try our aeration treatment! It preserves a healthy pond environment, beneficial to aquatic organisms and the community. 


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