Fountain and aeration systems play an important role in the regulation of issues in Florida’s lakes and ponds, such as algae, weeds, and aquatic odors. There are many things that threaten to deplete lakes and ponds of oxygen. Aquatic plants consume oxygen for respiration at night, fish are constantly breathing oxygen, and bacteria consume oxygen as organic waste is being digested. Due to the fact that warm water is less dense, it floats on top of the denser cold water, meaning that the deep lake water is typically very low on oxygen. This can limit fish  and other types of aquatic life to the upper few feet of water. Since there is little to no oxygen at the bottom, toxic gases and excess nutrients will be released. The installation of a fountain or aeration system can improve the appearance and health of the water greatly. Read on to learn more about how fountains improve lake aeration. Edenfield Corporation, based in Deland by serving all across Volusia County and Central FL, now offers the Kasco J-Series commercial pond fountain. Call Edenfield Corporation to find out more today!


Fountains Can Benefit Your Lake


When the water quality in a body of water is poor, it can cause unwanted conditions like the overgrowth of toxic algae and nuisance aquatic weeds. When the water has low oxygen levels with large amounts of nutrients, then unsightly algae blooms, swarming mosquitoes and flies, as well as fish kills may result. Foul odors and surface films can leave your lake or pond unattractive and unproductive. The majority of lakes and ponds receive enormous benefits from installing fountains and aeration systems, as the goal is to increase oxygen levels to stimulate a natural cleanup process in order to get a healthy body of water that is aesthetically pleasing. Edenfield Corporation can install a commercial pond fountain or aeration system in order to improve the appearance and productivity of water, such as the J-Series Fountain. 


The J-Series Fountain Can Improve Your Lake Aeration


The health and aesthetics of your body of water can be greatly enhanced by the J-series fountain produced by Kasco Fountains. All of the Kasco fountain designs are engineered to provide reliable and efficient performance, and also to feature marine-grade stainless steel components for protection in difficult environments. All you have to do is ask Edenfield Corporation to explore the multiple pattern options in the Kasco J-Series line. No matter what your needs are, we will be able to find the right fountain for you. The new 3/4HP J Series with Linden Nozzle make the perfect focal point for any pond or lake. From the 30 ft. high attention-grabbing Redwood patterns to the elegant, 2-tired Linden patterns, each nozzle brings its own visual appeal to the table. Engineered with both beauty and function in mind, these fountains will help improve overall water quality through increasing oxygen transfer. The J series fountains will come complete with a control panel with 5ma GFI protection, mooring lines, and interchangeable spray patterns at no extra price!


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A commercial pond fountain can assist in lake aeration. Based in Deland, Edenfield Corporation services Volusia County and all across Central FL. Call Edenfield Corporation today to find out more.