Owning a pond can be a delightful experience, but many new owners don’t know all the things you need to watch out for. Many people decide to fill their ponds with fish and other plant life in the summer, but end up shocked when they all die in the fall one day seemingly out of nowhere. Edenfield Corporation is a commercial pond fountain company located in Deltona but that travels throughout many areas in central Florida including Volusia County. We want you to enjoy your new pond so below we have outlined some important information on pond turnover and how to prevent it. We also can install and repair a pond water fountain or pond aeration system for you to help keep your pond healthy and beautiful throughout the year. 


What is Pond Turnover

Pond turnover is when the layers of water in your pond mix. In the summer there are three layers. There is the lightest, warmest, and most oxygen-rich top layer, the heaviest and coldest lowest layer with little to no oxygen, and a transition layer in between the two. When fall comes around the upper levels begin to get colder and heavier because of the reduced amount of sunlight. When this happens the upper levels sink and mix with the bottom layer. This can happen slowly and gradually, but depending on how drastically the weather changes it can also happen in as little as a few hours. If the water with no oxygen mixes with the water with oxygen, all fish and plant life are at risk of dying. 


How To Prevent Pond Turnover With a Pond Aeration System

The key to making sure your pond doesn’t turnover is to ensure that oxygen is being circulated to all parts. One natural way to prevent this is to design your pond to be wide and shallow so that the lower level of colder and less oxygenated water is decreased and is so little that a turnover isn’t possible. Of course very few of us have the luxury to get to design our ponds from scratch and this solution will not help if you have a pond that already exists. The only other viable solution is to get an aeration system that will mechanically circulate oxygen throughout your pond. As part of a fountain, aeration systems circulate water and oxygen in your pond by bringing it up from the lower levels of the water and releasing it as droplets in the air.


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Edenfield Corporation is a family-owned-and-operated business based in Deltona but we also serve various counties in Central Florida including Volusia County. Don’t let yourself become a victim of pond turnover and call us today to install a pond aeration system today for your commercial pond fountain. If you’re still on the fence, we offer free estimates and guarantee that you won’t find a more dedicated pond management company out there. Our goal is to provide only the most comprehensive and continuous services that are backed by the latest studies and new developments in aquatic management as well as years of experience.