Many people love fishing in waterways like a pond or a lake. As an avid angler, or even just the owner of a backyard pond or lake, you may wonder how fish get in ponds in the first place. One main way that fish get into ponds is through people putting them in there on purpose. This practice is commonly called “fish stocking,” and the process entails raising fish in a controlled area such as a hatchery so that you can release them into various waterways such as rivers, lakes, and ponds. Fish stocking has many benefits for both humans and the environment, such as improving fishing populations, increasing recreational activity on the water, keeping bodies of water balanced in an environmentally friendly manner, keeping weed problems under control, and reducing specific insect larvae. Read on to learn more about the benefits of fish stocking for your pond or lake from Edenfield Corporation, a top pond and lake management company. If you’re looking for pond stocking fish for sale in the Deland area, call Edenfield Corporation today!


Why You Should Stock Fish


There are many benefits to stocking fish in your pond or lake area. One of the best ways to effectively manage fish populations in your own waterway or community is through the strategic planning and stocking of carefully-selected, hatchery-reared species. There are many positive benefits that come from strategic stocking, such as bolstering fish populations for more exciting angling opportunities, balancing the native fish communities, creating or bolstering a prey base for improved wildlife populations and watching, cutting down on exotic/invasive fish populations through  competition and predation by native species, reducing invasive exotic plants, and controlling annoying mosquito and midge populations. Both municipal agencies and private organizations such as Edenfield Corporation have been involved with stocking fish in the waterways of Florida for many years. Even though the practice of stocking fish came about originally as a way to add non-native fish into the waterways in order to increase food supplies and recreational fishing, fish stocking today focuses on the restoration of native populations (rather than the introduction of ones). 


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The reason for this change has multiple facets. Firstly, many of the fish species native to Florida have been overfished and many others are no longer able to breed due to scarcity, pollution, or environmental causes. Sustainability is thus one important reason for stocking the waterways with fish. These species help to stabilize lake and wetland habitats; some keep parasites and bacteria in check, and others fertilize the water with nutrient waste. If a native species is threatened, endangered, or extinct, then they can be replenished. On top of the environmental sustainability benefits, fish stocking can also help to raise the value and/or appear of the property value of a waterway. Stocking your lake with fish can make it seem more fun and interesting, and also allow people to fish for sport, helping to attract them to your waterway and resulting in all-around more enjoyable experiences.


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There are many benefits to fish stocking for your pond or lake. If you’re looking for pond stocking fish for sale in the Deland area, call Edenfield Corporation today!