The Feedback Of Others, Is What Makes Us One Of The Best Lake Management Companies Our There!

In a state that is surrounded by water, it is always necessary to reassess the way things are done to develop more cost-effective and efficient solutions. At the Edenfield Corporation, we’re proud of the way that we conduct our environmentally-conscious business offering the latest pond and lake management services throughout Central Florida. The following valuable feedback was kindly provided by our clients. Take a look at what they had to say in a sample of thank you notes and letters that we have received:

Edenfield Corporation has been maintaining my ponds for the past several years. I have had nothing but outstanding service and attention to my property needs. I highly recommend Edenfield Corp. for your property maintenance services.
Jeff Leitner

Director of Facilities Operations, DaVita Laboratories

Five years ago, we encountered a big issue with our retention pond getting cleaned up and within the requirements of the county or face the possibility of a fine. After meeting with Wes Edenfield, he came up with a plan to get our vegetation cut down and the growth under control. We were able to meet the deadline and get in compliance. Since this time we have used the Edenfield Corporation to maintain our retention pond and property vegetation year round. Wes has done a great job and I would definitely recommend anyone for his services.
Sean Bruce

Operations Manager, Xtra Lease

Edenfield Corporation was recommended by a coworker over seven years ago, and what a recommendation it was.

Edenfield has provided GWS with the most incredible services, no matter the task, retention pond mitigation, landscaping services, mulch replacement and tree trimming.

GWS is always concerned with first impressions and Edenfield has created a warm welcoming environment upon entering our property. First impressions are everything!

Edenfield’s attention to detail, friendliness and customer service is exceptional and GWS is delighted to recommend them to everyone.

Everything they do is SPECTACULAR!!!

Truly Grateful

Janeen M. O'Connell

Operations Manager, GWS

I called Edenfield Corporation 2 years ago originally to get an excavation quote on my pond. I assumed that digging it out with an excavator would be the only way to clean it up. My pond was heavily overgrown with floating mounds of vegetation and could not be accessed by a skiff to get to any of it. When I met with Wes I was given two options: excavating with machines or an alternative method of applying herbicide by an airboat. The excavation price was more than we wanted to spend at the time and we went with the herbicide treatment plan. He explained the whole process beforehand and the final results were unbelievable. I also saved thousands of dollars going the chemical route and never had one fish die. The pond can now be fished in which is something i havent been able to do in years. I highly recommend Edenfield Corporation for lake and pond management.
Grayson Puckett

Deleon Springs